Passenger’s guide for a successful trip



You will make your next bus trip a little more pleasant if you remember to bring a few of these items with you.



Bottle of water and/or a snack—We usually try to stop for rest stops and/or meals every 1.5 to 3 hours, but having a bottle of water along will quench your thirst, especially if you’re talking a lot with fellow passengers. If you get hungry, a snack bar or other snack food can help fight off hunger pains until the next meal stop.



Neck pillow—the seats on our buses all recline and are quite comfortable, but it’s always nice to have a small pillow of some kind with you. Often, gift shops, especially in service plazas and truck stops sell small neck pillows especially suitable for traveling.



Computer, computer games or tablet PC—Our buses are all equipped with free Wi-Fi Internet. Since our buses do not offer charging outlets, you will need to rely on battery power and consider bringing an auxiliary battery or battery pack. Don’t forget to charge all of your appliances, and your auxiliary batteries before the trip..



Camera—A small digital camera or the camera on your phone is a great way to document your trip — they are easy to carry, easy to use and make it very easy to show your friends and family where you’ve been. Don’t forget extra batteries or a battery pack, and a charger.



Entertainment—If you like to read, bring a book or magazine to help pass the time. Our buses are all equipped with DVD players and 4 to 6 monitors for viewing movies. We do not supply the movies, but you can bring them. Remember, movies shown on the bus system must be suitable for all passengers, including any children who may be on the trip.



Be prepared for bad weather—the weather conditions when you leave home may not the weather you encounter over the course of your trip. Something as simple as a jacket, umbrella, or sun block can save the day. Check the forecast for your destination in advance of your tour so you are prepared for any eventuality.





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