A message from our company owner


Eddie Sours

Owner, Richards Bus Lines, Inc.


Thank you for your interest in Richards Bus Lines.  In over 35 years in this business I have always worked to provide friendly, personalized service on clean, well maintained and safe motor coaches.  My employees and I all have one common goal, your satisfaction.  Here are some things I think you should know:


I think you should know that my drivers are among the best in the industry.  Did you know that Richards Bus Lines drivers won two of the top three awards at both the 2010 and 2011 Virginia Motorcoach Association Roadeo (Bus Driving Competition)?


My drivers are more than employees to me.  They are my company’s biggest asset; they are the people who make the biggest difference in your satisfaction.  These are folks who drive because they love the job, and they enjoy people. 


I think you should know that I personally maintain my buses.  I know that there is no better way to ruin a good trip than a breakdown.  Breakdowns are costly to you, in terms of your satisfaction, and honestly, quite costly to me.  Towing and repairs on the road are the last thing I want to have to pay for.  Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding breakdowns.


I personally test-drive my buses prior to virtually every trip, personally check all of the fluids, perform preventive maintenance and inspect for safety issues to insure, as much as possible, a trouble free trip.  The worst advertising I can receive is one of my buses broken down on the side of the highway.


Having said all of this, however, breakdowns do occasionally occur, in spite of all of our efforts to avoid them.  Some equipment failures just cannot be predicted.  If a breakdown occurs, I will do everything in my power to repair your bus or get another bus to you so you can continue your trip with as little interruption to your plans as possible.


I think you should know that I try to provide buses at the best possible price, no matter whether in the middle of the busiest week of the year, or if business is slow.   I try to charge the same fair price for every trip I quote, based on miles traveled and hours/days the bus will be used.


Please call our office for a price quote and then comparison shop.   I am confident you will find my pricing to be very competitive.  But, please consider more than just price!  Consider service, safety and good, honest and fair business practices.




Eddie A. Sours

Owner, Richards Bus Lines, Inc.




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