Why charter a Richards Bus?



Friendly Personalized Service - We believe the key to your satisfaction is friendly, personalized service on clean, well maintained and safe motorcoaches. Our passengers are "very special people."



Convenience - Unlike either a plane or train that can only transport you to the nearest airport or train station, we can transport you to the doorstep of your destination. Then the coach can be available to taxi your group around during your entire visit. We take pride in cheerfully accommodating your transportation needs.



Cost - It typically costs about half as much per passenger to travel by charter bus as it does to fly on an airplane. We invite you to compare our prices with those of other charter bus companies. We are confident that you will find our prices to be very competitive.



Safety - Traveling on a motorcoach is twice as safe as flying, and over forty times safer than driving in an automobile. We are dedicated to providing safe, well-maintained and clean motorcoaches, and safe and professional drivers. We hold a high ranking for safety from the IMCAC (International Motor Coach Audit Commission) and the US Department of Defense.



Environment - Save fuel; save the environment! Motorcoaches deliver more than 184 passenger MPG! That is less fuel per passenger mile than airplanes, trains or automobiles.



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